Byung-hun Lee Joins Josh Harnett’s I Come With the Rain

Joining fellow well-known Korean Rain, “A Bittersweet Life” star Byung-hun Lee has reportedly been cast in the upcoming Hollywood movie (ironically enough titled) “I come with the Rain”. The Asia-set film stars Josh Harnett as a private detective who, haunted by a past encounter with a serial killer, heads for the Far East to search for a missing heir who has the power to heal with his touch. This news comes from Asianpopcorn, who quotes Korean website KBS.

Heartthrob actor Lee Byung-hun is expected to play a starring role of a Hong Kong gang boss in a new film by Vietnamese-French director Tran Anh Hung called “I Come with the Rain,” which could mark his global debut… The gang chief Lee will portray operates a large drug network and plays a key role as one of the two close associates to the lead character.

Byung-hun Lee is also currently shooting the Korean spaghetti Western “The Good, The Bad, and The Weird” for director Ji-woon Kim.

This marks a growing trend of Korean actors following in the footsteps of their Hong Kong counterparts by branching off from their native industry and into more international fare. Rumor has it that Korean pop star Rain will be joining the upcoming “Speed Racer” live-action movie, and Jun Ji-hyun will be making her English debut in the vampire movie “Blood: The Last Vampire”.

Actually, the first Korean star I could recall who branched out into a Hollywood movie was Joong-Hoon Park in 2002’s “The Truth About Charlie” remake.

Filming for “I Come with the Rain” begins July 9, including a ten week location shoot in LA, the Philippines and Hong Kong.