Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Headed to Theaters and VOD This Summer

Cabin Fever Patient Zero (2013) Movie Image

Although it has little to nothing to do with the original “Cabin Fever” or the Ti West-directed sequel, someone felt the need to incorporate this nasty little virus-oriented thriller into the series. While “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” could easily be a standalone feature, they’re using the “Cabin Fever” name to hook in unsuspecting horror nerds.

Okay, okay. I’m probably picking on “Patient Zero” a little too hard. The movie is actually quite disturbing and thoroughly entertaining, especially for a low-budget sequel. The girl-on-girl fight scene at the end of the movie is truly something to behold, especially if you love really good gore. Director Kaare Andrews and writer Jake Wade Wall’s flick probably looks great on the big screen.

Image Entertainment recently snapped up North American distribution rights to the flick. If all goes according to plan, then “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” should arrive in a few theaters this summer. The company is also planning a VOD release.

Here’s a quick and dirty synopsis:

CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO tells the story of a group of friends enjoying a bachelor weekend in a yacht in the Caribbean. As they run ashore to explore a remote island, they stumble upon an abandoned research facility, where a massacre from a deadly virus is unleashed. They must find a way to survive before the flesh eating disease consumes them all. Their answer – an uninfected survivor: “Patient Zero.”

“Cabin Fever: Patient Zero” stars Sean Astin — yes, THAT Sean Astin — Currie Graham, Ryan Donowho, Mitch Ryan, and Jillian Murray. Curious parties should properly investigate the trailer below. Even if you hated the original “Cabin Fever,” it’s definitely a flick horror fans should check out later this year.

Cabin Fever 3 (2013) Blu-Ray Artwork