Cable TV’s Best Action-Adventure Show Strike Back Is Officially Renewed For a Third Season

Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester in Strike Back

Who’s a happy guy? This guy. Because Cinemax has officially renewed their action-adventure show “Strike Back” for another 10-episode third season. (Or, er, fourth, if you count the show’s first incarnation.) But in terms of Stateside viewing, this will be the third season.

Shown exclusively on the premium cable network Cinemax, “Strike Back” stars Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton (soon to be seen in the “300” sequel, “300: Rise of an Empire”) as badass mofos with guns going around the world shooting up bad guys. Literally. That’s what they do. Oh, there are some intelligence gathering, sexing with the ladies, and what have you, but every episode of “Strike Back” essentially consists of Stonebridge (Winchester) and Scott (Stapleton) going around shooting the crap out of people and things. And that’s just how I like it!

Season 2 of “Strike Back” is coming up on its season finale, with the show having added Rhona Mitra to the cast this year, replacing Amanda Mealing, whose character was, er, indisposed. The show also recently killed off an important figure from the last two seasons, so expect a replacement for that, too.

Here’s the latest happening on “Strike Back”, in which Stonebridge and Scott try to stop Charles Dance from killing a bunch of folks with a nuke, or die trying. Or, well, kill a bunch of dudes trying, anyway:

Via : Deadline