Cable’s Most Ridiculously Entertaining Show Strike Back is Renewed for a Second Season


Phillip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton in Strike Back Season 2 PosterI love me some “Strike Back”. And apparently cable network Cinemax is happy with it, too, because they’ve renewed the revamped British action-adventure show for a second season.

“Strike Back”, for those who have never seen it, stars Philip Winchester (“Camelot”) and Sullivan Stapleton as a British commando and a former American Delta Force operator, respectively, working for a top secret British anti-everything unit called Section 20, who are sent around the world to knock off bad guys. That’s pretty much the premise of the show. (Bonus brownie points: Winchester is an American-born Brit, while Stapleton is an Aussie.) Hilariously, because the show’s cast and crew is almost entirely Euro (though producer Frank Spotnitz is American and writes some of the episodes), “American” commando Damian Scott (Stapleton’s character) essentially cusses every other word and refers to pretty much everyone as either “pal” or “buddy”. It’s effin’ awesome, pal.

Currently airing on Fridays at 9:00 P.M. central time, the first American season of “Strike Back” will wrap up on October 21st, completing the show’s current “Project Dawn” storyline. Tellingly, Cinemax refuses to announce the cast list for the upcoming Season 2, pointing to “plot spoilers in upcoming episodes” as the reason, which leaves me to believe not everyone will survive the show’s first season finale. After all, we’re told there is a mole inside Section 20, and it appears we’re going to find out who that mole is by season’s end and they might not survive their exposure.

Besides Stapleton and Winchester, “Strike Back’s” Season 1 cast includes Amanda Mealing, Eva Birthistle, Jimi Mistry, Rhashan Stone, Michelle Lukes and a brief cameo appearance by Richard Armitage, a regular in the previous incarnation of “Strike Back”. (Bonus brownie points #2: The first incarnation of “Strike Back” also co-starred Andrew Lincoln, Rick Grimes on “The Walking Dead”.)

The show’s opening theme, which does give you an idea what “Strike Back” is all about. In short: action, sex, cussing, and more action.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    GGreat show and the theme is one of my favorite songs “Shortchange Hero” by The Heavy. I thought the song worked awesomely for the “Graham City” trailer but it rocks as an opening theme.

    • Nix

      I love that opening theme, too.

  • Juggernaut

    I still have yet to see this but have heard nothing but positive reviews. On a side note. Phillip Winchester should have been cast as Captain America and should still be cast in the remake of Point Break as Bodhi!