Cage and Reynolds are 3D CG Cavemen in The Croods

Nicolas Cage as a hairy caveman for DreamWorks? Does he still have enough hair to qualify? Oh wait, nevermind, it’s going to be a CG movie, which means Cage will only need his voice to star. Also starring in the new CG movie “The Croods” is Ryan Reynolds, who according to Variety will play “a forward-thinking outsider” that vexes Cage’s character. Cage will play Crug, the patriarch of a caveman brood that must relocate when their cave home is destroyed by an earthquake. Out in the unfamiliar world, Crug and family meet Reynold’s character, who charms the family and Crug’s eldest daughter.

“The Croods” was developed by Kirk DeMicco and John Cleese. DeMicco and Chris Sanders will co-write and co-direct for Dreamworks, which has already set the stereoscopic 3D film for a March 30, 2012 release.

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