Call of Duty: Black Ops Campaign Teaser Trailer

Color me excited: there’s nothing better than the ramp up, and then the wait for a brand spanking new “Call of Duty” game. After all, there are only so many noobs you can frag on “Modern Warfare 2” before it gets out-of-your-mind tedious. I still throw on a Nazi Zombie online game every other week, so that’s good for an hour or so of zoning out in the wee early hours. But let’s face it, it’s about friggin’ time we get another COD game. Enter: Black Ops.

Here’s the latest video trailer, a teaser for the game’s campaign play. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” arrives to frag your brain November 9, 2010 on all videogame consoles.

And in case you missed it, here’s a look at the game’s multiplayer. One of the best parts of the COD games is getting used to the game’s variety of guns. I recognize a lot of familiar firearms in “Black Ops”, but hopefully there will be enough variety here for repeated gameplay. And come on, death by radio control car? That’s just awesome.