Camelot’s Queen Igraine Heads to L.A. — NCIS: LA, That Is.

Apparently lording over one kingdom wasn’t enough for the lovely Claire Forlani, because she’s signed on as a new regular on CBS’ hit show “NCIS: Los Angeles”, the network’s “NCIS” spin-off show starring Chris O’Donnell and L.L. Cool J. Like “NCIS”, most of you probably haven’t even seen a single episode of this show, and yet it keeps on churning along, collecting seasons like stamps.

Forlani, who is currently playing Queen Igraine in Starz’s new “Camelot” TV series, will be introduced in the show’s May 10 episode. She will play Lauren Hunter, the NCIS: LA branch’s new operations manager, a character described as “attractive, authoritative, cool and calculating” and “she rarely lets her guard down, but when she does she reveals a dangerous quality that suggests she is much more than your run-of-the mill operations manager.” Ooooh, foreboding.

Forlani recently did a couple of seasons on CBS’ other crime procedural, “CSI: NY”. This is essentially how network TV works, in case you’re wondering — once you’ve done enough time on one TV show, it’s pretty easy to hop back and forth between other shows as a guest star or recurring character.