Cameron Diaz’s Bad Teacher Enrolls for a Sequel

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher (2011) Movie Image

Made for a cheap $20 million (by Hollywood standards), Cameron Diaz’s raunchy comedy “Bad Teacher” was a surprise hit for Sony, raking in over $216 million worldwide. The film saw Diaz playing the titular bad teacher, who spends her days sleeping at her desk and trying to land a rich husband (played by Justin Timberlake). At the end of the movie, she realizes she can be a decent teacher and even shacks up with the not-rich but good guy gym teacher (played by Jason Segel).

Bad Teacher (2011) Movie PosterHappy ending, right? Yes, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a sequel, cause, well, there’s going to be a sequel.

Sony has tapped original director Jake Kasdan to return for “Bad Teacher 2”, with Cameron also expected back, though she doesn’t have a deal in place yet. The first movie was written by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, who will remain onboard as producers (whatever that really means), while Kasdan will direct from a script by Justin Malen.

Apparently Malen came up with an approach to the sequel that the studio liked because, according to Deadline, it “hits all the notes that made the first film such a breakthrough hit and also takes the characters in a new direction that is fresh and fun”.

Translation: we’re doing a sequel cause the first movie made a buttload of money. What of it?

Curiously, “Bad Teacher 2” isn’t the only result of the first movie’s surprise hit status. The movie also spawned a TV series that will star Ari Graynor. The show will air on CBS as a half-hour series.