Can You Spot The CGI Zombies in The Walking Dead? (Probably Not)

Zombies in The Walking Dead - Beside the Dying Fire

This is pretty amazing. CGI has become so commonplace in movies and TV shows now, that at times you don’t even notice them. Heck, I certainly didn’t notice them, and I like to think that I have a keener eye for this type of stuff than your average fan.

As for “The Walking Dead”, did you know that most of the zombies on the show’s Season 2 finale weren’t even there? Nope. They were actually CGI’ed into the episode. Really, I had no idea. It’s amazing what they can do with special effects nowadays, even on a TV show budget. Either CGI has become so inexpensive to do flawlessly, or “The Walking Dead” has a bigger budget than I thought. (Somehow, I get the feeling it’s the former, given AMC’s, uh, history of budget cutting…)

In any case, “The Walking Dead” Season 3 doesn’t return until this Fall, as per usual, but until then, let’s relive some of the Season 2 finale’s zombie-rific scenes, shall we? (And apparently AMC is currently having something of a tiff with Dish Network and you’ll probably be hearing a lot about that in all the AMC-produced videos, like this one. Which is bad news for me, because I have Dish. Sigh.)