Can’t Miss Weekend Movie Pick: Shrek the Third

Seriously, how can you go wrong picking “Shrek The Third” for anything? There’s a reason there isn’t another wide-release on the same weekend as everyone’s favorite green ogre. I’ll probably end up seeing it on DVD, or maybe if one of my nieces and nephews bugs me to take them to see it in the theaters. But if Hollywood was the stock market and movies were stock picks, you couldn’t go wrong with picking this as your winner of the week. Here’s your preview of: “Shrek the Third”…

Being king isn’t for everyone–especially if you’re a prickly ogre who smells like the shallow end of a swamp. When Shrek married Fiona, the last thing he wanted was to rule Far Far Away, but when his frogger-in-law, King Harold, suddenly croaks, Shrek is quickly fitted for the crown. Now, unless the reluctant would-be king can find a suitable replacement, he’ll be royally screwed for the rest of his days. As if Shrek didn’t have enough on his plate, Princess Fiona has another little surprise on the way. With his head spinning and his belly in knots, Shrek sets off on a quest to find the only other possible heir to the throne, Fiona’s long-lost cousin Artie, an underachieving medieval high schooler. While the ogre is away, his old nemesis Prince Charming rears his handsome head and returns to the kingdom of Far Far Away with redemption on his shallow little mind. Even with Donkey and the ever-so-suave Puss in Boots by their side, it’s going to take an ogre-sized effort–and a whole lot of help from Fiona and her band of princesses–for Shrek and Artie to save the day and find their own “Happily Ever After.”

Starring the voice talents of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett, and directed by Chris Miller, Raman Hui.

The trailer:

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