Capcom’s Dead Rising The Movie Trailer Arrives … in Japanese

Capcom’s Japanese site (via STYD) has your first look at the game maker’s live-action “Dead Rising” movie, based on the 360 and Wii game of the same name (but alas, no PS3). As expected, the movie is a Japanese production through and through, which means Japanese director, actors, and setting. The original game, for those who don’t know, takes place in a very American setting — a shopping mall. The movie has locals heading to a warehouse to try to survive a zombie plague.

The movie is directed by Keiji Inafune, one of the producers of the original game. It stars, well, a bunch of people you’ve probably never heard of, and it looks pretty cheap. Then again, the Japanese shoot almost everything on HD video nowadays, so it doesn’t look that different from all the other Japanese horror movies you’ve probably seen in the last decade or so.

The point of the survival horror game is to grab whatever sharp objects you can get your hands on and kill zombies. That’s, er, pretty much it. Hey, no one ever said it was brain teaser. The movie seems to take that cue, though with more Japanese shouting.