Cap’s Shield in Iron Man? Super Soldier Serum in Hulk?

It looks like the geeks were on full alert during their viewing of “Iron Man”, because they’ve spotted something that can only be seen in the movies — Captain America’s shield apparently made a guest cameo in “Iron Man”, showing up in one of the scenes from the movie (see pic below). The discovery comes from, who is adamant that the shield does in fact show up in the film.

Here’s what FirstShowing said:

The scene in which you can see the shield is after Iron Man returns from Afghanistan after fighting with the Mark III red/gold armor for the very first time. Right after he fights the two F-22 fighter jets, it shows him back in his lab trying to remove his armor but having trouble. Right as Pepper Potts walks down into his lab and asks him “what is he doing?”, the shield can be seen sitting on one of his tables behind him in the lower left corner.

Here’s the pic (it is apparently much clearer in the actual movie):

CAptain America's Shield in Iron Man

Meanwhile, JustPlayNet thinks they saw Captain America’s super soldier serum making a guest appearance in “The Incredible Hulk”. They said:

In one of the new Hulk photos from the movie posted by HoyCinema, the one attached here is apparently of Tim Blake Nelson holding the Captain America serum. Nelson, by the way, is playing Samuel Sterns in his still human form. In the comics, Gamma radiation turns Sterns into the Hulk villain The Leader. Sequel set up? You bet.


Super Soldier Serum in Hulk

Is Marvel going to great trouble to set up their comic book movie universe? Probably. Then again, the shield thing could be Favreau giving the fanboys a little wink and a nod, while the blue vial could just be, well, a blue vial.

But then again, Marvel does have the Captain America planned, and the Avengers wouldn’t be far behind…