Captain, Ahem, President America?

President America?

Captain America sworn in as President; pledges to continue punching out nation’s enemies

Imagine-  it’s the day after the presidential elections, and the vote was too close to call. As the votes are carefully counted, and recounted, it appears that a write-in candidate has gotten the majority of the votes. Which upstanding citizen could the American people have chosen to represent them, and their way of life?

Captain Steve Rogers, of course.

Cap got a promotion in yesterday’s issue of “The Ultimates,” #15. As I’m sure you’re aware, much of the content of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has relied on “The Ultimates” series for source material- which makes things a little interesting.

This latest move by Marvel brings many questions; who will his VP be? What do we call him? President America? Captain President? And perhaps, most importantly – will we ever see a President Steve Rogers grace the silver screen, as the MCU continues to evolve and unfold?

I would say likely not…but then again, I never thought I would see things like The Infinity Gauntlet, The Destroyer, or Iron Man hand-delivering a nuclear bomb to another corner of the universe….

What do you think?

Captain America Runs for President of the United States

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Author: Daniel Brennan

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  • Juggernaut

    To add to the list of things that you’d never have thought we’d see on the big screen let’s not forget the Iron Patriot armor showing up! There have been some pretty astonishing things done in the Marvel films but the thought of Cap sitting in the White House is completely ridiculous. Also, while the Ultimates line has heavily influenced the films they have not dictated the course of the movies or the characters. It has been more of a blend of the regular 616 and the first volume of the Ultimates imprint.
    The other installments in the Ultimates series have been extremely far fetched and in some cases, while very cool, have no ties AT ALL to the goings on of the movies.
    I think that the President America/Captain President or whatever they want to call it is a fun idea for the comics but it will and should not happen on the big screen. In my opinion anyway.

    • Dedpool

      From what I read he won’t be sitting in the white house at all!!! This probably won’t make it in the film’s you’re right. They have taken a decent amount from the Ultimate U, but they’ve also done alot from the Mainstream 616 Universe. So they can easily pick and choose.

  • Wingcm

    Even if it did happen, it would be so far down the line because of the current state of affairs in the movie universe. So much stuff had to line up in the comics for this to happen, the first of which was Captain America wandering off into the desert after Spider-Man’s death, then the two superhuman threats, the destruction of DC and the subsequent fracturing of the U.S. I thought it was a good move in the comics, but it would be super hard to pull off in the movies.

  • Lexavi80

    Awesome! Comics and Politics made Ex-Machina one hell of a reading material.

    Hope this is handled well.