Captain, Ahem, President America?

President America?

Captain America sworn in as President; pledges to continue punching out nation’s enemies

Imagine-  it’s the day after the presidential elections, and the vote was too close to call. As the votes are carefully counted, and recounted, it appears that a write-in candidate has gotten the majority of the votes. Which upstanding citizen could the American people have chosen to represent them, and their way of life?

Captain Steve Rogers, of course.

Cap got a promotion in yesterday’s issue of “The Ultimates,” #15. As I’m sure you’re aware, much of the content of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has relied on “The Ultimates” series for source material- which makes things a little interesting.

This latest move by Marvel brings many questions; who will his VP be? What do we call him? President America? Captain President? And perhaps, most importantly – will we ever see a President Steve Rogers grace the silver screen, as the MCU continues to evolve and unfold?

I would say likely not…but then again, I never thought I would see things like The Infinity Gauntlet, The Destroyer, or Iron Man hand-delivering a nuclear bomb to another corner of the universe….

What do you think?

Captain America Runs for President of the United States

Via : IGN