Captain America Adds Arnim Zola to the Roster of Bad Guys

Apparently The Red Skull (who will be played by Hugo Weaving) won’t be the only super Nazi menace that Captain America will be facing in Joe Johnston’s upcoming “The First Avenger: Captain America”. THR reports that British actor Toby Jones is in final negotiations to play the villain Arnim Zola, a genetic engineer who worked under the Red Skull for the Nazis, and who eventually created a new body for himself.

It’s doubtful if Zola will get his new body in the first movie, as he might just be a secondary villain hiding out in a lab while the Red Skull does all the action. With all the cameos that “Captain America” is promising, it would probably be a bit much to have two villains for the good Captain to battle the first time around.

“Captain America” stars Chris Evans as Captain America, Sebastian Stan as his sidekick Bucky Barnes, and Hayley Atwell as Cap’s WWII fling, Peggy Carter. The film is scheduled for 2011, and will lead into “The Avengers” movie.

Oh, those wacky Nazis and their wacky experiments.