Captain America and Thor Movie Tie-in Action Figures

Marvelous News has images from some upcoming merchandise that will tie-in with the “Captain America” and “Thor” movies, though I’m not sure how much the Winter Soldier will fit into the movie, but as you can see on the box cover, it does clearly say “Captain America: The First Avenger” and features Chris Evans as Captain America, so yes, whether the Winter Soldier makes an appearance in the movie or not, these are very much official movie tie-in action figures. Likewise with the Thor merch. Thanks to reader Mike for the heads up.

Hasbro’s got your “Captain America” figures covered, including:

– Ultimates Captain America
– Captain America (Battlefield)
– Winter Soldier
– Captain America w/Air Assault Glider
– Captain America (Paratrooper Dive)
– Role-play shield and helmet

And here are “Thor’s” movie tie-in toys — er, I mean, action figures, also from Hasbro. Featuring:

– Lightning Clash Thor
– Battle Hammer Thor
– Sword Spike Thor
– Shield Bash Marvel’s Odin
– Secret Strike Loki
– Role-play hammer and helmet