Captain America Finds his Bucky

Almost two weeks after THR claimed Chris Evans has signed on to play Captain America in Marvel’s “First Avenger” movie, Marvel still hasn’t officially made the announcement yet. Then again, they haven’t disputed the THR report either, so I’m guessing they’re probably just waiting for the right moment. Maybe it’ll come soon, especially after this Variety article that has TV actor Sebastian Stan (below) signing up to play Cap’s WWII sidekick, Bucky.

Stan, who has appeared in TV shows “Kings” and “Gossip Girl”, as well as the movies “Hot Tub Time Machine” and the upcoming “Black Swan”, will play Bucky Barnes, a civilian who discovers Captain America’s secret civilian identity before becoming his partner. Yeah, that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me, either, but then again, this is essentially a movie about a guy dressing up in a flag and fighting Nazis during World War II, so there you go.

Like all comic book characters, Bucky started out as a simple crimefighter, before eventually getting all twisted and complex for modern audiences, cause that’s what modern audiences want, apparently. It’s doubtful his time as the Winter Soldier will come into play in the movies, or if Bucky will flash-forward to the future along with Captain America, though curiously Marvel has signed him for multiple movies.

Joe Johnston is scheduled to direct “Captain America”, with Chris Evans starring as the star-spangled Avenger. The film is due out July 22, 2011, and will launch Marvel’s uber “Avengers” superhero team movie the following year.

Hey, Bucky, aren't you too young to be drinking? And uh lunging around shirtless?