Captain America Gets a Logo

Via Collider, who recently received this logo for “Captain America: The First Avenger” from the same source that sent them the “Thor” concept art sketches, so it seems very likely that this is the real thing. The film itself is just now in production, so it’s understandable that the studio would be using the sketches of Chris Evans as Captain America that were released a few days ago as part of their marketing concepts. Check it out, check it outers.

Starring Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan, Hayley Atwell, Hugo Weaving, Toby Jones, Stanley Tucci, and directed by Joe Johnston, Cap slings his shield July 22, 2011.

Yeah, sorry, that’s pretty much it, kids. Not much to look at, huh?

Here’s a consolation prize, courtesy of “Captain America’s” Peggy Carter, aka Hayley Atwell. It looks like Captain America has his hands, er, full.