Captain America Heads Back for Reshoots

Joe Johnston’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” is headed back for reshoots. Oh oh? Possibly. Possibly not.

There are a lot of reasons a film might go back for reshoots. Maybe they realized they needed an additional scene or two; the ending wasn’t what they wanted; or in the case of Marvel, to slip in those Easter egg cameos that have become the fledgling studio’s trademark ever since they dropped an eyepatch wearing Nick Fury into the end of “Iron Man”.

Whatever the case, I wish Johnston and company would release a full trailer for the movie already. “The First Avenger” is due out July 22, 2011, three months away, and the lack of a full trailer for it is somewhat disturbing. “Thor”, by comparison, comes out only a month before “Captain America”, and it’s already got a half-dozen trailers, teasers, and International versions of both.

Here’s hoping the lack of a full trailer, and this news of reshoots, are not signs that the Good Captain is having difficulties in his Nazi-bashing first adventure.