Captain America? More Like Captain United Nations. Ahem.


Marvel Studio’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” is a near-$200 million dollar movie, or thereabouts. That’s a lot of dough, folks. Which means Marvel is going to need a hell of a lot more than just a moviegoing American public to turn a profit. Like, you know, an international box office audience. Which may explain why the studio and director Joe Johnston seems to already be tempering expectations that “Captain America” will be overly pro-American. Mind you, not that I think Johnston is saying the good Cap will be making speeches about the evils of American foreign policy or anything, but he sure seems to be hedging his bets a tad.

Johnston tells the LATimes about his (and we presume, the studio and script’s) approach to the movie:

We’re sort of putting a slightly different spin on Steve Rogers. He’s a guy that wants to serve his country but he’s not a flag-waver. We’re re-interpreting, sort of, what the comic book version of Steve Rogers was.

Steve Rogers is “not a flag-waver”? Um, the guy runs into battle with the flag on his chest, genius.

Johnston goes on to fill us in on his version of Steve Rogers:

He wants to serve his country, but he’s not this sort of jingoistic American flag-waver. He’s just a good person. We make a point of that in the script: Don’t change who you are once you go from Steve Rogers to this super-soldier, you have to stay who you are inside, that’s really what’s important more than your strength and everything. It’ll be interesting and fun to put a different spin on the character and one that the fans are really going to appreciate.

I like how he keeps mention that Captain America isn’t a “flag-waver”. You can almost picture him sneering as he says it.

And hey, remember, they need those International money, too:

…It’s also the idea that this is not about America so much as it is about the spirit of doing the right thing. It’s an international cast and an international story. It’s about what makes America great and what make the rest of the world great too.

Now why in the world would anyone think this was “about America”? Gosh, it’s only about some guy name Captain America in a movie called “Captain America”. Silly people and your silly ideas. Joe Johnson will set you straight, don’t you worry.

Joe Johnston ponders why he's so much smarter than you dumb flag-waving Americans...

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  • baddog

    But you know what? I believe because it is so American, that alot of people will go see it. Right now people are pissed that people are crossing our borders illegally, terrorists are trying to subvert us, the government is trying to bankrupt us. This kind of movie might just rally us like WWII did. We need to feel good about America, because right now it stinks, and I am a veteran.

  • Radiationman2022

    I think there's a huge problem with this…once again we will be forced to watch another movie that has been radically changed to suit the need to make a billion dollars off a movie. First off, Captain America…is the all american patriot. He is much like superman in that he is infallible. He does the right thing each and every time because it is the right thing.

    BTW…WWII may not have been all about america…but look at what happened when we finally got involved. It's the reason the US is THE superpower in the world. We are the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen…and we've never really been unleashed on the world. If only some of you knew…

    Next thing you know they'll be taking his colors away from him and putting him in generic fatigues and a green helmet, and he'll only be called Cap.

  • SteveRogersIsCap

    Also to add to what I said before, In the article Link I posted, a comment that someone wrote is that “there is so much more to Cap than the colors he wears. He represents the pure ideals of America which are incorruptable, not only the country that was founded by them. He's Captain America, not Captain United States.”

  • thestrongestthereis

    It makes perfect sense to me but only if you read a specific storyline that came around right at the time of 9/11. It was an issue with no action, just Steve on a plane back from the middle east and happens to be sitting next to an ex Russian spy. They have a great conversation about what it means to be American and the policies instated by the country that go against its credo. Sad to say, cap walked off that plane with his head down. I always wanted that part to show up in a movie somewhere, though its probably gone overlooked in the comic as a small thought. Pretty much what the person above me quoted.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    That is exactly the point I'm trying to make. Perfectl;y stated man. Thank you!

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    That should definitely be a scene in a Cap sequel that takes place after Avengers.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    And they never said it wasn't going to portraying him or America in a positive light, just that Steve Rogers won't be an over the top flag waver. You can be patriotic without being portrayed the way he was in the old comics. He'll be patriotic and stand for the same things, just won't be him all about America, but about doing the right thing and winning the war.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Okay what part of WWII aren't we getting? We weren't world police back then. Hell we didn't even just jump into the war. The Avengers and even the Cap sequel should definitely deal with the points you make and how Cap reacts to the state of the country today. But for his origin which takes place largely over seas, it truthfully can't be all about the U.S. About the symbol of America and what he stands for and trying to bring that to the frontlines so EVERYONE has something to look up to, most definitely. But the movie is about Cap becoming the Sentinel of Liberty we know and love. They're saying Rogers was just your below average patriot that wanted to help people and that he still embodies those American ideals. Hell if wanting to go help those being oppressed in other countries is “non-American” why are we policing the world? You could almost argue WWII is part of why we do it, so it doesn't happen again. And thats what WWII was, us going to join a fight to help people bein
    g oppressed, it's just that we didn't do it alone. And thats the world Rogers lived in. So yeah him being a patriot but not gung-ho “go usa” right off the bat makes sense. He wants to help make the world right, it's the American Way.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Agreed. And even with this take it's not gonna ruin the movie. He wont be covering his suit and shield cause he embarrassed to be an American or anything.