Captain America On-Set Images and Videos Reveal A Big SPOILER

The “Captain America: The First Avenger” images and videos below reveal a pretty big SPOILER about the upcoming movie, in particular, a major cameo appearance. This apparently took place over the weekend — on Saturday, according to Bleeding Cool — and features — well, read on. Speculation has this being the after-the-credits easter egg for “TFA”, but I have my own theories.

All the Marvel movies have one thing in common — Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. It looks like ol one-eye will be making an appearance in “Captain America” as well, and here’s proof that he meets up with Steve Rogers in Times Square, New York, though why Nick Fury looks like his “modern” self and Rogers looks like his “WWII” self is a bit of a mystery, but perhaps that time-bending Cosmic Cube that “TFA’s” villain the Red Skull is in possession of has a little something to do with it…? (above pic) Updated: Or perhaps someone just woke up as theorized in the comments section?

UPDATE: More pics from the recent weekend shoot.