Captain America Smashes Nazi Scum in Super Soldier Game Trailer

We already brought you some groovy screenshots and concept artwork from Sega’s upcoming “Captain America: Super Soldier” game, and now here’s the first trailer. Expect to get your hands on the shield and wings sometime in 2011, probably around the same time as the live-action movie starring Chris Evans is expected out.

IGN has more info on the game:

Now, the first thing that’s cool about Captain America: Super Soldier is that SEGA isn’t just rehashing the flick. This is happening in the same World War II universe as the movie, but you won’t see these exploits on the big screen and vice versa. I was told that the movie is an origin story, and the game fills in the gap between Cap toying around with his new powers and being the superhero we all know and love. When you pick up the controller, you’re going to take Cap into his formative missions against Hydra and other world-threatening bad guys.

A third-person game, Super Soldier puts you in Cap’s uniform and unleashes you on the enemy. The level I saw is the same demo that’ll be at New York Comic-Con, and really serves as a “this is everything you can do in the game.” Here, Cap’s infiltrated Arnim Zola’s castle. (Zola, of course, is a Nazi scientist in the comics and being played by Toby Jones in the upcoming movie.) Captain America is out in front of the incoming U.S. forces, and for the good guys to get in and stop Zola from sending weapons out, Cap’s got to take out some AA guns and mop the floor with some henchmen.

What do you think? Just another quickie movie tie-in not worth your dollars, or an actual, honest t goodness decent game that might be worth your time after all? I can’t really tell from the quick trailer below, but it certainly has potential. Probably.

Or not.