Captain America SPOILERS and Avengers Trailer Description

If you plan on seeing “Captain America: The First Avenger”, I would recommend not reading this post past this sentence … RIGHT HERE.

Frankly, I’d have love to not know this, but I consider it something of my job to report what I find, and so … here’s how “Captain America” ends, including a brief description of “The Avengers” teaser trailer that is tacked on to the movie after the credits. I don’t know for sure if this was a special screening, or if the trailer will be seen at the end of all the “Captain America” showings, as that’s a bit odd, but this is Marvel, after all, and frankly they can do anything they want with their movies. Plus, who doesn’t expect something special at the end of Marvel movies? So this makes perfect sense to me.

Via Moviehole, who received these descriptions from a soldier who saw an early special screening of “Captain America” courtesy of Marvel Studios.


So, how does “Captain America: The First Avenger” end? Like this:

It has Captain America waking up on a bed in a white in a room listening to a Mets baseball game and a girl that looks similar to Peggy Carter walks in to the room and he asks her “Where am I?” Realizing the baseball game he was listening to was from 1941 he gets out of the bed and two guards walk into the room and try to calm him down but he pushes them though a wall and breaks out of the room into a warehouse and runs out of the warehouse onto times square. A squad of special forces surround him then Nick Fury says “At ease solider.” He tells him they were trying to adjust him to his new area and he has been sleeping for 70 years and asks Captain America if he has some where else to be. Captain America says ” I am late for a date.”

And here’s a description of the “Avengers” teaser trailer:

Now for the after the credits it is not a scene, it is a trailer for The Avengers. It does not show much and its more screen flashes then anything else. It starts with Chris Evans punching a bag in the gym and eventually punches the bag so hard it breaks. Nick Fury walks in and asks him “If he is having trouble sleeping and tells him he has a mission for him. The screen says Next Summer. It shows quick shots of the the Avengers in costume around (with the exception of the Hulk) and Nick Fury tells them he has a mission for them. It then shows all of the characters one by one and ends with Thor throwing his hammer. Then Says May 2012 on the screen. It does not show the Hulk at all in the trailer just a brief shot of Mark Ruffalo. As I said the trailer was short, showing quick shots of the characters but it looked like Loki was in one of the scenes shown…

So there you have it.

“Captain America: The First Avenger” opens next week, but you’ll have to wait another year for “The Avengers”.