Captain America: The Winter Soldier UK Trailer and Potential Stinger SPOILER

Chris Evans in Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014) Movie Image

If you thought you’ve gotten enough of the good ol Captain post-Super Bowl Sunday, then you’re wrong, buddy. Check out a new UK trailer for the movie, which features some new footage and yes, that is indeed our first glimpse of “Revenge” star Emily VanCamp. The actress was reportedly cast as Captain America’s new love interest, but seeing as how little she’s shown up in the other trailers, that might have been untrue, or maybe changed. It sure looks like Captain America and the Black Widow have a lot of screentime together, and not just of the action variety, either.

Also, gossip site Lainey Gossip has apparently already seen a screening of the film and calls it possibly “the best movie Marvel has put together yet.” Though, yeah, you gotta keep in mind this is a gossip celebrity-heavy site, so I’m assuming they don’t spend a whole lot of time ranking comic book movies, Marvel or otherwise.

In any case, what’s really important is that they’ve seen the film, and says this about a pair of POTENTIAL SPOILERS, including a post-credit stinger:

And there’s a big reveal that general audiences won’t see coming (and ought to open some doors to fix that awful SHIELD show). But the thing that’s probably going to leave people talking the most is the post-credits stinger. They’re calling them “The Twins”, the brother-sister team of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, and they don’t look like any Marvel heroes we’ve met to date. Having seen them, I am really sad for Fox and the X-Men.

It’s already well-known that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (played by Aaron Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen) will have a pretty big role in Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” in 2015, but apparently we’re going to get our introduction to them before then, in a post-credit stinger in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Nice.

And I have on idea what that jab at “Agents of SHIELD” was about. Then again, remember, we’re talking about a gossip site here, and they did just claim “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” was the “best” Marvel movie ever. Yes, even better than “The Avengers.” That’s a pretty big whopper right there, folks.

Anyways, here’s the UK trailer for the movie, which opens this April 4, 2014.

Scarlett Johansson in Captain America The Winter Soldier (2014) Movie Poster