Captain America, Thor, and Transformers Toys at Hasbro’s 2011 Toy Fair Booth

If you were in New York this week you might have been able to wrangle yourself a look see at Hasbro’s booth at the 2011 Toy Fair, but if not, here are some choice pictures from the event (via SuperheroHype).

I definitely love how it’s in Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworths’ contract that they have to show up to hawk their toys whenever they’re called upon. Granted, I’m sure they love the idea of having toys made out of their image (what boy wouldn’t?), but come on, to get the call: “Hey, it’s time to sell some toys!” has to be a tad surreal.

Plus, toys of Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, with gratuitous appearance by model turned actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I wonder if Rosie’s toys will be bendable…