Captain America Writers Re-Hired for Captain America Sequel


Marvel Studios was apparently so pleased with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to their “Captain America: The First Avenger” Super Bowl spot that they’ve already re-hired Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, the writers on the first film, back to start work on a sequel for them.

Of course, all this means it that the studio is giving McFeely and Markus first crack at the script, but as with all things Hollywood blockbuster-ish, scripts get polished, writers added on, and notes handed out. Still, penny-pinching Marvel voluntarily paying two guys for a draft of a “Captain America 2″ before the movie even opens does give you some indication of the studio’s current mindset when it comes to the good Captain. They are very happy, and very positive, and this will only bode well for the first Avenger as he prepares to invade movie screens July 22, 2011.

Now the question is, what can we expect from a sequel? Since the first movie takes place during WWII, and is book-ended with scenes that leads directly into “The Avengers” movie, it probably makes sense, continuity-wise, to set “Captain America 2″ after “The Avengers”.

And in case you missed it, here’s that Super Bowl TV spot that got everyone so hot and bothered:

Author: Nix

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell ya one thing. Im very happy with what I’ve seen as well. I had very little hope when I saw the first pics of the guys on the nazi alien bikes and the street shot, but I still held out hope because I love the director and definitely wanted to see Chris Evans get a main role. I’ve loved him in everything he’s done. I thought he was a perfect Johnny Storm in f4, awesome in the poorly received Push, and great in both Sunshine and Scott Pilgrim (even as short as he was in it). The 2 pics right before the superbowl and the superbowl tv spot have me so pumped for this film i can barely wait. I also sat back last night while drinking a brew and got really happy thinking about just the first 2 months of summer and how many friggin comic/ fantasy films are coming out. This is going to be a great Kickoff to the summer blockbuster.

    p.s. I want full trailers.

  • Highoctane_

    Still waiting to see Cap with a gun in his hand. He has the holster, he is a soldier, and let’s face it this is WWII. We don’t need to see him actually kill anybody, but we should see him firing a BAR or Thompson M1A1, atleast as he is storming the beach/woods or even just as covering fire. Still waiting to see Nazis too.

  • ThorsFury

    I am looking forward to see this, but please…….to get all excited about the reaction for the Super Bowl commercial?!
    Give me a break.

    Thor looks like its going to rule that ass !