Captain America Fan Film: The Fighting Avenger


I gotta admit, I’m dying to see Joe Johnston’s big-budget “Captain America: The First Avenger”. I’ve always liked the good Captain, especially back in my comic book reading days. Until the Cap’n shows up on screens July 22, 2011, though, here’s a 5-minute fan film by Wayside Creations called “The Fighting Avenger” to tie you over. Just keep in mind, it’s a non-profit fan film, so don’t start getting all nit-picky about it, you fanboys.

An American heavy weapons squad comes under heavy fire during a patrol and must fight off their German attackers to survive. Luckily, they have a secret weapon.

Credits go to …

Starring Kevin Brooks, Zack Finfrock, Aaron Giles, Dave Session and Jake Brown
Directed/Edited/Sound Designed by Julian Higgins
Cinematography and Coloring by Aaron Scott Moorhead
Original Music by Dan Martinez
Visual Effects by Teague Chrystie and Julian Higgins
Written by Zack Finfrock, Julian Higgins, and Aaron Giles
Production Design by Melissa Low and Zack Finfrock
Production Sound by Alan Franzenburg
Sound Design by Julian Higgins
Captain America Costume by Pujo Latham and Raleigh Latham

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    That was pretty good for a low budget indy short. I’m hoping that the big budget film has a similar feel to the war scenes and it doesn’t go too far into the sci-fi/comicbook action. I want some comic book feel to it but the war parts, until we get HYDRA should be like Saving Private Ryan.

    • Juggernaut

      I agree. I’d love for it to be as realistic as possible. I always thought that if they did HYDRA in a movie they should be more of a sub division. Like a special forces for the German army.

  • Theoriginal

    If Wayside Creations stick together, and don’t get big heads and split up, they will find success together, and as individuals. I think they are the next Speildbergs’ and Lucas’. Again, they have to remain together, as success comes. Hard for young people.

  • Ironfist fan# rogernator5000

    It was alright, woulda been awesome if he threw the shield, but I guess it was ok, I can’t do any better so good job I guess