Cardboard War is Hell. Yes, Even with Cardboard Guns.

Cardboard Warfare Short Film

Cardboard guns. Cardboard airplanes. Cardboard artillery cannons. Even cardboard parachutes!

Yup, there’s a reason they called it “Cardboard Warfare 2”, after all. It’s because most of the film’s sets and props were made from cardboard. My guess is, they made all they could from cardboard, but obviously it wouldn’t have made sense to run around in cardboard, well, pants and shirts or helmets. (Though I suppose they might have been able to get away with cardboard helmets…)

The most curious thing about this enterprise? How long must it have taken director Clinton Jones to convince the actors to, well, act with cardboard and have them take it seriously? I can’t even imagine. On the plus side? All those cardboard props makes moving around pretty easy, I would imagine.

It’s over 25 minutes long and is reminiscent of “Band of Brothers” (its major inspiration, no doubt), and is a pretty major investment in time, but I think it’s definitely worth it.

Via Gizmodo / Facebook

Obviously if this 25-minute mini-movie is called “Cardboard Warfare 2”, that means there was a “Cardboard Warfare 1”, right? Well, duh. Here is the much shorter “Cardboard Warfare”, which runs only 3 minutes and change: