Carey Mulligan is Gekko’s Daughter in Wall Street Sequel?

British actress Carey Mulligan has been cast as Gordon Gekko’s estranged daughter in Oliver Stone’s sequel to his ’80s financial hit, says the boys over at Latino Review. Mulligan is a 24-year old actress from England and is a relative unknown in the States, though she’s appeared in 2005’s “Pride & Prejudice” with Keira Knightley, and has a role in Michael Mann’s upcoming “Public Enemies”. Now she can add daughter to a notorious Wall Street criminal to that list.

As revealed previously, the plot of the sequel will find Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas, reprising the character) finally being released from prison, and wishes to reconcile with his estranged daughter Winnie (Mulligan). He needs the help of Winnie’s fiance, Jacob (to be played by Shia LaBeouf) to do it, but Jacob wants Gecko’s help to expose a hedge fund villain to be played by Javier Bardem. You see, Jacob believes Bardem’s character is responsible for the death of his mentor, and he aims to get revenge. Lots of scheming and money stealing ensue, one presumes.

All parties are trying to get the film into production as fast as possible for an early 2010 release in order to take advantage of the current economic situation in the country. That Oliver Stone, he never was one to miss out on scoring brownie points when opportunity presents itself.