Carey Mulligan Starring in Nicolas Refn’s Sexy Thriller I Walk with the Dead

Nicolas Winding RefnYou gotta love Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, especially when he let it be known that he’d really love to direct a “Wonder Woman” movie just so he could cast the very well-endowed Christina Hendricks (of “Mad Men” fame) in the lead. I think I speak for most warm-blooded males when I say we share in his desire to cast Hendricks as Wonder Woman. Of course, it’s probably never gonna happen, but one can dream, right?

His latest is the crime caper “Drive”, which is opening this month, but he’s already set up a couple of more films, including the Bangkok-bound “Only God Forgives”, about a Bangkok gangster and cop who decide to settle their differences in the ring. The film will star his “Drive” leading man Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas. Then there is the big one, the “Logan’s Run” remake, also starring Gosling.

Now Refn is already talking about another movie, one that would star his “Drive” leading lady Carey Mulligan. The film, a sexy thriller to be called “I Walk with the Dead”, is being described by Refn himself as having “a lot of sex in it”:

I wrote this story called I Walk With the Dead and it takes place in Miami and it’s just going to have a lot of sex in it. I have two films that are getting made with French investors and one is Only God Forgives and one is I Walk With the Dead.

Of course, if you’re looking forward to seeing Carey Mulligan having lots of sex in Refn’s film (or be in a film with lots of sex, which is probably more likely, since I don’t see Mulligan going wild this early in what is a very classy career where she doesn’t need to take risks), you’ll have to wait until Refn gets done with “Only God Forgives” and, possibly, “Logan’s Run” — if that remake ever actually gets made, that is.

Me, I’m still waiting for that “Wonder Woman” movie starring Christina Hendricks…

Carey Mulligan