Carl Rinsch in Talks to Direct Logan’s Run Remake

Oh, Logan, will they ever let you run again? In 2007, it was announced that Joseph Kosinski would direct a remake of “Logan’s Run” for Warner Bros., taking over for Bryan Singer, who was previously attached. Kosinski has since jogged over (get it?) to “Tron: Legacy”, and the latest word is that commercial director Carl Rinsch is talking with Warner Bros. to direct the remake. Besides his upcoming “47 Ronin” with Keanu Reeves (yeah, I still have no idea how that one’s going to actually work), Rinsch is most famous for boarding the “Alien” prequel for Fox for about two seconds before the studio decided they’d rather have producer Ridley Scott direct.

Who knows if Rinsch will actually end up directing a remake of “Logan’s Run”, or if a remake will ever make its way out of development hell, but Heat Vision says the director and studio are “talking”.

Released in 1976, the original “Logan’s Run” was based on a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, and starred Michael York and Jenny Agutter as citizens of a future city where citizens are required to sacrifice their life when they reach a certain age in order to conserve resources. York plays Logan, a Sandman, one of the city’s enforcers, who must track down “runners” — people who decide they don’t want to voluntarily bite the big dirt nap when their number comes up. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a movie if there weren’t complications. That complication arises when it’s Logan’s number that comes up.

Update: Deadline says the “talks” are over, and Rinsch will direct the movie. He’s set to start work on it as soon as he finishes “47 Ronins” with Keanu Reeves, which is set to go into production early next year. Unless, of course, someone realizes Reeves as a Samurai borders on ridiculous and puts a stop to it. I’m just saying.