Carla Gugino Talks Watchmen and Silk Spectre

I’m probably one of the handful of people who thought Carla Gugino’s Threshold TV show was really good, and was sad to see it go off the air without even a completed season. But Carla Gugino has come out of it alright, with roles in “Sin City” and now, playing “costume adventurer” Silk Spectre (aka Sally Jupiter) in Zack Snyder’s highly-anticipated “Watchmen”.

Carla Gugino recently talked to MTV about her role:

“It was really one of the craziest, most fun roles I’ve ever gotten to play,” marveled the “Sin City” star, cast as the burlesque dancer who proves to be the most PR-savvy of the complex superheroes. “I start at 25 years old in the 1940s, and I age to 67 years old with full prosthetics in the 1980s. [Sally] is a larger-than-life character. She’s a costumed crime fighter, but her idea of a costume is very Bettie Page-meets-[Alberto] Vargas.”

And what about that notorious rape scene?

“The rape scene is pretty crazy that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I have,” Gugino insisted. “Not that I would say that’s the one I really want you guys to see. … The title sequence of this movie is going to be extraordinary. We spent many weeks over the time of the shoot shooting it. That’s going to be a very, very special thing that wasn’t scripted, that will be really empowering.”

Seriously, only Alan Moore would think of to include a rape scene between two superheroes into a comic book.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Carla Gugino Talks Watchmen and Silk Spectre