Carrey takes all the roles in A Christmas Carol

Carrey(Article by Tom G.) I believe this was rumoured a few days ago, when Bob Hoskins decided to spread early Christmas cheer, by announcing Robert Zemeckis’ latest project (the interesting thing is Bob Hoskins is not officially signed up to be in the film, so maybe he’s just excited for pal, or desperately wants a role…but the fact he broke the story early, doesn’t look too good for him!).

Anyway, by using the same state of the art technology which created an extremely creepy CGI Tom Hanks in Polar Express, Zemeckis is conjuring up a new version of A Christmas Carol for Walt Disney Pictures (because clearly all the other 20 or so adaptations of the story didn’t quite get the message across).

And the star is none other than Jim Carrey, an actor who I absolutely love and who pains me every-time he accepts a really bad role in a film. What troubles me about this movie in particular, is that Zemeckis has signed Carrey up to not only play Scrooge, but also the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Now I don’t doubt that Jimbo will have no problem pulling these characters off, and I’m sure they’ll be an absolute hoot. But my issue is this recent trend of one actor playing a dozen roles (I’m looking at you Murphy! What does it take for you to be funny again!). While I can see the argument that it gives a performer a chance to develop a host of characters and get carried away, I find it troubling when actors are simply acting with…themselves. I just don’t really believe you can produce  an interesting performance in that instance, and I’d be much more interested watching two thespians play off each other, rather than a gang ofCarrey’s mugging it up in a dank room. Hell even Michael Caine had the benefit of working with Muppets in his version of this tale!

Click here to read more on this story, and when the film arrives, look out for Bob Hoskins playing a lump of CGI coal!