Carrey tries to be funny again in ‘Yes Man’

Carrey1(Article by Tom G.) It has been less than a week when I happened to mention that Jim Carrey had signed up to play every single character in a new CGI version of A Christmas Carol (a slight exaggeration I admit). But now another of his new projects has been announced and this one is called ‘Yes Man‘.

In a collaboration with Harry Potter producer, David Heyman, the film will star Carrey as a man with a few problems. As Heyman says:

“It’s about a man who finds himself very depressed, and is always saying no. When friends ask him out, he always says no. [The film will explore] what happens when he decides to say yes to every thing that comes his way.”

This is a perfect Carrey formula and one that sounds vaguely simular to the concept from Liar Liar (and kinda like a storyline from Seinfeld). It will certainly allow the comedian plenty of opportunities to perform pratfalls and make ridiculous facial expressions, but the question is how dark will this film go? Will Carrey be asked to shoot a man and not be able to refuse? Probably not, but while I’m cynical about most comedies coming out these days, this film could at least be quite amusing, and it’s certainly a better move than turning yourself into a CGI monstrosity to satisfy Robert Zemeckis.

The full story can be found here at MTV Movies Blog which is quickly turning into quite a decent source for movie news (if you like low brow movies that is)