Casting: Bean, Rhames, and Trejo in Death Race Prequel, Kid Conan

Two bit of casting news today. First up, STYD rounds out the cast for the prequel to Paul W.S. Anderson’s “Death Race” reboot, titled “Death Race: Frankenstein Lives”, which will take a look at the man behind the Frankenstein mask. Joining Luke Goss as Carl Lucas, the man who would become Frankenstein, will be Sean Bean as Luke’s old mob boss, Ving Rhames as a Rupert Murdoch type responsible for setting up the Death Race, and perennial pissed off Mexican guy Danny Trejo as Luke’s prison pal. As far as I know, still no word on Natalie Martinez (below) returning as Case, Frankenstein’s navigator in the first movie, and who will also be appearing in the prequel.

Over at Latino Review, they’ve discovered that Leo Howard, Snake Eyes Jr. in “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” will be playing Conan Jr. in the upcoming “Conan” reboot. According to the site, Howard will be Conan for the film’s first 15 minutes, before Jason Momoa replaces him as the all-grown up version.

Natalie's ready for another spin in the ol Death Race. Zoom zoom, indeed.