Casting Bits: Robert Duval in One Shot, Dennis Christopher in Django Unchained, and Callan McAuliffe in Paradise Lost

Tom Cruise and Robert Duval in Days of Thunder (1990 Movie ImageTwo bits of casting news today…

Robert Duval is currently in final negotiations to join the cast of Christopher McQuarrie’s “One Shot”, his adaptation of the Lee Child novel that will star Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, a formerly military MP who must use his wit, intelligence, and fist to uncover a conspiracy involving a shooting spree.

No word on Duval’s character, though it’s said to be a “small” but “significant” role. Since they said it was small, I suspect that means he’s not the main villain. Probably not the accused sniper, either, since he’s probably a little too old for that.

“One Shot” will star Cruise, with Rosamund Pike as his love interest, a crusading attorney who locks horns with the city’s D.A. — who also happens to be her father.

Duval , of course, previously starred with Cruise in the NASCAR movie “Days of Thunder”. In that film, Cruise played the awesomely named Cole Trickle.


Callan McAuliffeAlex Proyas’ “Paradise Lost” has also added another face to its cast: “I am Number Four’s” Callan McAuliffe will join the big-screen adaptation of the John Milton’s 17th-century poem.

In the film, McAuliffe will play “Uriel, one of the first seven archangels created by God. When Lucifer rebels against God and Michael is named commander of Heaven’s army, the dedicated soldier Uriel becomes his second in command.”

Bradley Cooper will play Lucifer, with Ben Walker playing Michael. The film will also co-star Casey Affleck and Djimon Hounsou, and promises to be a super CGI actionfest.

Meanwhile, “Rock of Ages'” Diego Boneta is also on tap to play Adam, the first man on Earth.


And finally, over at Quentin Tarantino land, “Django Unchained” continues to add to its cast.

The latest addition is one Dennis Christopher, and if you know who that is, good for you. Christopher will play Leo Moguy, who is apparently a lawyer for bad guy Candie (to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio).

“Django Unchained” will star Jamie Foxx as a freed slave who, with the help of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz), becomes a killer in search of his missing bride. That quest leads him to Candie’s plantation of pain, where our hero tangles with the bad guys.

Also starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Dennis Christopher