Casting Breakdown for The CW’s Arrow Sheds Light on What to Expect


Green Arrow Comic BookA cursory glance at the casting breakdowns and the descriptions of the characters currently being sought by the production of “Arrow”, the CW’s new Green Arrow show sounds like a cross between “Gossip Girl” and “Smallville”. I could be wrong, of course, but if you were expecting a gritty action superhero show, you’re probably going to be massively disappointed. If anything, it sort of does have that “Smallville” vibe — you know, the brightly colored, broadly written feel. Plus the whole “spoiled rich kids” plot of “Gossip Girl”.

So, here are the characters that will be showing up in “Arrow”:

A 27 year old reformed bad boy, who after having spent five years shipwrecked on a tiny, brutally dangerous island in the South China Sea returns to town a different man. Or to be more specific, a tortured, thoughtful master of the bow with a ferocious determination to make a difference.

28 years old, smart sexy, Laurel is a legal aid attorney determined to use her life as a one-woman war against the 1% following the death of her younger sister Sara. A sister, who as luck would have it, just so happened to have died aboard Oliver’s yacht.

28 years old and devil-smooth, Tommy is a trustafarian like Oliver, a spectacularly rich young man whose life revolves around parties, clubs, liquor and lots of anonymous sex. Unlike Oliver, he can’t seem to understand his former best friend’s sudden change of lifestyle and direction.


48 years old, a beautiful woman, Oliver’s mother Moira is a very wealthy woman who is not used to being shaken. Having remarried during the five years that former husband Robert and Oliver were both presumed dead, Moira has had free rein over the Queen billions. Not surprisingly, she’s deeply interested in learning whether or not Robert will also return unexpectedly, to ruin her present marriage and go over the books with a fine-tooth comb.

35 years old, African-American, Diggle is really, really big, a former military man who served with the Army Rangers in Afghanistan, and has been a bodyguard for hire for the last four years. Hired by Moira to be Oliver’s chauffeur and protector, Diggle soon finds he is trapped in a battle of wits, as Oliver repeatedly eludes his protection. But in fact, Diggle’s primary conflict is one of loyalty — he has to show that he’s working for Oliver, not Moira, before Oliver will give him a smidgen of trust.

17 years old (suggest 17-22 years), Oliver’s Lolita-esque sister, Thea was a 12 year old girl when he went on his infamous yachting voyage — but now she’s a celebutante who’s testing the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Thea loved her big brother with all her heart, and is delighted to have him back in her life — but she’s spreading her wings, and is unprepared for Oliver to become the Bad Cop in the family, restricting her access to boys and drugs.

So I’m guessing no Oliver Queen with funky soul patch? Bummer.

Green Arrow Comic Book

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  • Dedpool

    Hmmmss. The changes to the lore are interesting. Throwing in Dinah Lance, not as a fellow hero, or even love interest, but as a lawyer and foil to both Oliver and Green Arrow. Them building the trust of him and a romatic relationship would provide some cool tension and drama. Merlyn being the best friend is also a nice touch. I’d love if they played him like “Killer” from “Faster” a spoiled rich boy who got bored and has taken up contract killing for fun. That would be another cool relationship. Moira provides an intersting character as she can be played sympatehtic or villainous depending where they go with the story. John Diggle (maybe an homage to writer Andy Diggle who wrote GA; Year One with artist Jock, both collaborated on the Losers) is a great character in that it rpovides someone to be his ocnfidant and friend, if Diggle gets hi loyalties straight. And finally Thea is what Ollie was like when he was her age, and I think that the idea of this changed man seeing so much of himself in his lttle sister would cause him to be very overprotective. All and all not bad!

    • Juggernaut

      There are definately some parralells to Smallville in there but it does sound interesting. I hope that they get away from the soap opera-esque feel (knowing CW they won’t). It all comes down to the casting. If they’re going for a 27 year old Ollie Justin Hartley could have done it. I was really hoping for an older Ollie and a more action oriented show. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

      • Dedpool

        You never know. Hartley played Ollie at like 23-25 (character not the actor) and yet he always looked younger. I say we still may get an older looking Ollie with a goatee or something. I do like the way this is panning out. We could get a nice little crime show.

        • Juggernaut

          Like I said, we’ll see. I was a mark for ‘Birds Of Prey’ for godsake! Lol. Hopefully they cast someone good. I was just looking at the pic of Liam Hemsworth and he’d be awesome! On a more TV scale I like Ryan McPartlin.

        • Juggernaut

          Like I said, we’ll see. I was a mark for ‘Birds Of Prey’ for godsake! Lol. Hopefully they cast someone good. I was just looking at the pic of Liam Hemsworth and he’d be awesome! On a more TV scale I like Ryan McPartlin.

  • edge007

    Every time I read “bad boy” or “former bad boy” or “reformed bad boy” I automatically know I’m not the demographic that’s being aimed for (that would be females between the ages of 12 and 25 or so). That said, this doesn’t necessarily sound all that bad. If Dinah doesn’t know how to execute a kick to a bad guy’s head like Jet Li, though (no matter what her day job is), this simply won’t be my Dinah.

    • Juggernaut

      The good thing is that it will be a series and all of the characters will have time to develope. So even though she may not necessarily know how to F a mofo up when the show begins doesn’t mean that by season two or after she won’t be able kick some ass. This Dinah is also the second, meta human, Dinah so they may go that route too.

      • Dedpool

        A la Gabrielle and Iolus in Xena and Hercules. They didn’t start out kicking ass.
        Sent on the go!

        —– Reply message —–

        • Juggernaut

          Exactly! What ever happened to that girl?

  • justjoe

    Hopefully we won´t need to wait 10 seasons to see Ollie and Dinah in costumes.

    • okisan

      We’ll have to see if it the series will survive after the first season :)