Casting For Superman Begins In Earnest


Because he’s not busy enough preparing to shoot “The Dark Knight Rises”, Christopher Nolan, along with Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder, have begun the search for the next Superman in earnest. Unlike Batman, a role that has largely been played by big name actors (George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and now Christian Bale), the Man of Steel is a part that has usually been filled by unknowns, a trend that will most likely continue this time around.

Sources tell Deadline that

the studio is open to creating a star as it reboots the “Superman” franchise. The actor will likely either be a discovery, or an actor from TV who isn’t yet a big star. And he’ll be in the age range of 28-32. The studio expects to look at hundreds of young actors before making a decision.

The list of potential Supermen is endless, and I’m sure that, just like with the search for the new Spider-Man (and even the quest for a director for “Superman”), the hunt will be long, difficult, and fraught with rumor after rumor. Will it be someone well known, but not hugely famous yet, like John Hamm from “Mad Man” or Joe Manganiello from “True Blood”? Or will they pick a complete unknown and build him up into an instant celebrity?

Who would you like to see with the big red ‘S’ emblazoned across his chest?

Author: Brent McKnight

Brent McKnight lives in Seattle with his dogs. He likes beards, movies where things explode, and overcast skies. His three favorite movies are "Rubin and Ed", "A Bittersweet Life", and "Out for Justice". He wishes his knees didn't hurt. On Twitter @BrentMMcKnight
  • The Strongest There Is

    No disrespect dude but smallville belongs on TV not on the big screen. None of those actors carry the gravitas of their characters outside of Luthor, and he also belongs on TV. He doesn’t have the presence of a big screen Luthor. Smallville is campy and tries to do too much that they cant pull off. Just like everyone who tells me to watch the show “It’s hit or miss, mostly miss, but when they get something right finally its really good”. How a show survived with that kind of review boggles me. I’ve been told it by everyone I know that loves the show, coupled with this great beginner, ” You can basically just skip the first 3 seasons”. I’ve attempted to watch Smallville even with these reviews. Not only were they right, but its quite possibly only slightly better than buffy and not even as loveable as the very fallible and awful Angel. Watered down story with sub par acting and all around Awful. Its not even better than Lois and Clark. Not to mention that almost every high point of the series is a fangasm arranged by the appearance of a cameo character. Hopefully Nolan is smart enough to stay away from the lackluster that is Smallville. WB cant afford another fake “hit” Superman.

    • SmileyFace!

      lol, I’m not gonna give a long speech on why you’re wrong or this and that.
      All I can say is, fix your grammar then maybe you’ll have something worth reading about. (P.S. Smallville is good. PERIOD.)=)

      • Mbttmt

        so thats your thing? commenting on peoples grammar and spelling

      • Dedpool

        Blame it on SPellcheck man. People have gotten lazy. Hell I graduated with a B.A. in English and I still mispell things every now and again. However TSTI (as we like to call him) has some valid points. Don’t get all mad and childish just cause you disagree. Make your long speech but back it with reasoning and facts. We like a good debate/discussion here. It’s when it starts to decend into name callinfg and other crap it gets bad. So by all mean, share why he’s wrong.

      • A Superman fan

        I agree with Mbttmt and Dedpool. I’ll go a step further. How can you criticize the grammar of The Strongest There Is when you proceed in the same breath to include the word “gonna” and suggest that proper grammar will give him something worth “reading about” (poor grammar in itself). And mis-spelling “Luthor” is a spelling error – not bad grammar. You’re no Ernest Hemingway, are you?

    • Mylesmoore25

      for 1 smallville was way better then lois and clark 2 you are 1 of a million that think that no one cares what you think 3 smallville did its own thing which is more then what superman returns or most of the new hollywood movies can say most of em bring back old villians or just do same old jazz smallville brought in alot of diffrent villians through out the years and really tried to make it their own so i think i speak for all of us when i say ……. piss off!!! :)

  • Khiladi_360

    I dunno who this guy is.. but HE should be considered

    • Beaucefuss

      Michael O’Hearn

    • Beaucefuss

      Michael O’Hearn

  • Khiladi_360

    I dunno who this guy is.. but HE should be considered

  • Colenallen

    TOM WELLING. He is the Superman of this generation. I don’t see any other TV actors playing this role. Considering Smallville will end in May 2011. no more conflict of schedule unlike before when he was talked into the role of “Superman Returns” before Routh. And also. They have tried BIG NAMES for Batman. Why can’t they try EXPERIENCED ACTOR TO PLAY SUPERMAN????Antoher thing ROBERT DOWNEY JR. is in his 40’s when he donned IRON MAN and IT IS A HUGE VERY HUGE SUCCESS?I don’t see why they have to put an age bracket to who will play the Supe!Zack Snyder should and must listen to the voice of THE PEOPLE – IT IS TOM WELLING!

  • Qmonaco

    Tom Welling- Superman/Clark Kent
    Erica Durrance (sp?)- Lois Lane
    Lex Luthor- unknown

    The reason why is becuase, the ones who watch Smallville are used to seeing his face, and he won’t be wearing the custume for that long, maybe just the end scene of the series finale. I think Erica and Tom have good chemistry together, and they kick ass together!

    The Lex Luthor part should go to someone we haven’t heard of before, or is just breaking into the business of acting, someone who has a “dark” personality.

    The rumors right now of the story is that it’s going to be a movie when Superman was still young.

  • Val3141

    Tom welling wouldn’t accept the role of superman anyway, so we need to move past him. I’m sure the studio is smart enough to cast an actor that will nail the part of superman/clark kent hands down. There is an actor out there that’s perfect for the role who will bring a different approach and look to the character the way Heathe Ledger did with the joker. Chris Nolan and Zach Syder know that they must find the perfect person for the part and the studio trust and knows that they will. So stay tuned!

  • The Strongest There Is

    The PEOPLE may be use to seeing his face but “The People” obviously want something that just isn’t good. lol. If Smallville set the face of superman for this generation, then the generation is more lost than I previously thought. I dont think we have had a superman of this generation and if there is one, it belongs to someones drawing hand. Animations have set the pace for what people want from a Superman. The animated movies have been way better than any other medium for the last 7 years or so. JLU set the table for everything. Smallville is a blight on the Superman House to many of its real fans. Amateur acting hour.

    RE: “The rumors right now of the story is that it’s going to be a movie when Superman was still young. ”

    Honestly they need to stop doing the backstory of superman and move the hell onto what he’s done. Its like Spiderman. I’m sick of seeing the same damn beginning to the story. Do a referential 5 minute segment and move on. Everyone knows the story of superman, and if they don’t, They can watch Reeves while being made fun of for being worthless. If anyone is the face of Superman for a generation it would have to be Reeves transcending all gens til now. People who give a crap should learn their children the right way.

  • dave

    brandon routh all the way never thought otherwise. he just needs more intensity and darker aggressive script and zack snyder to make it all happen!! word to your mother!!

  • Matias from Argentina

    Tom Welling has to be Superman.

  • Tivochick

    Tom Welling for Man of Steel, or people will stay home in droves just like the last time Tom wasn’t playing Superman.