Casting Notices: Emma Stone in Gangster Squad, Cage vs. Cusack on Frozen Ground, and Allen and Finney Back for Bourne 4

Emma Stone is going 1940s L.A. glam. The “Easy A” actress is said to be in talks to reunite with her “Zombieland” director Ruben Fleischer on his period crime film “The Gangster Squad”, which would also reunite her with her “Crazy, Stupid, Love” co-star Ryan Gosling. Stone just loves reuniting with people, apparently.

Stone would play Jean, a character described as “a sharp-tongued siren caught in a love triangle with Gosling’s character and Sean Penn, who portrays famed mobster Mickey Cohen.” The film itself is the true story of the L.A.P.D.’s attempts to keep East Coast organized crime out of the West Coast. East Coast vs. West Coast. Who knew the feud went back all the way to the ’40s?

Meanwhile, Stone’s also got a little movie called “The Amazing Spider-Man” coming up in 2012. Hope that works out for her.


Speaking of reuniting, Joan Allen and Albert Finney will be returning to the “Bourne”-verse in Tony Gilroy’s “The Bourne Legacy”, which is set to star Jeremy Renner as the latest brainwashed killer assassin.

Allen, who has appeared in two “Bourne” films (“Supremacy” and “Ultimatum”) will return as Pamela Landy, the CIA agent charged with bringing in Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne. Finney, meanwhile, played Dr. Albert Hirsch in “The Bourne Ultimatum”.

The two are expected back as part of “Legacy’s” plan to maintain some continuity between the Damon-less “Bourne Legacy” and the rest of the Damon-ful “Bourne” films.

Good luck there, Tony.


In more original fare, Nicolas Cage and John Cusack are in talks to play antagonists in Scott Walker’s “On Frozen Ground”, which the first-timer Walker will direct from his own script.

Cusack, currently chasing a serial killer in “The Raven”, will do a switch and this time play the serial killer. He’s in negotiations to play Robert Hansen, “a respected family man who for over 12 years abducted more than 24 women and flew them into the Alaskan wilderness to be hunted.” Cage would play “a dedicated Alaskan State Trooper who finds Hansen’s only surviving teen victim alive on the street.”

Does Cage at least have some superpowers, though? Like, say, the ability to turn into a flaming motorcycle enthusiast? That would definitely come in handy when you’re chasing a serial killer. In Alaska.