Castle Season 3 Sneak Peek Video

Okay, I’ll admit it: I dig ABC’s “Castle”. Sure, it’s ridiculously predictable and breezy and unsubstantial, but what can I say, I kinda like that in my crime-solving TV show at least once a week. At least it’s not as dry or takes itself nearly as seriously as those “Law and Order” TV shows. Yes, all 56 versions of them, including “Law and Order: My Basement”.

In any case, at the end of “Castle” Season 2, Kate Beckett (hot to trot copper Stana Katic) and crime novelist Richard Castle (browncoat national hero Nathan Fillion) were about to confess their mutual lust for one another when, well, TV writing got in the way, and they went their separate ways. As this sneak peek video will show you, their reunion did not exactly go as planned. Mostly for Castle.

“Castle” Season 3 commences flirty crime-solving September 20, 2010.