Strike Back: Origins Will Reveal the Untold Story of Rick Grimes (No, Not Really)

Andrew Lincoln in Strike Back

Before Stonebridge and Scott ran around blowing shit up and sexing the ladies like the studs they are in Cinemax’s action and skin-tastic “Strike Back”, there was Porter and Rick Grimes. Okay, so Andrew Lincoln before he was Rick Grimes.

Fans of Cinemax’s “Strike Back” know that the current iteration of the TV show is actually the second series using the same name. The first series, an all-Brit show, starred “The Hobbit’s” Richard Armitage as a special operator named Porter and Andrew Lincoln as his partner, Collinson.

With the current third season of “Strike Back” set to wrap later this month, the network is gearing up “Strike Back: Origins”, a 6-part prequel mini-series. It’s essentially a re-packaging of the old “Strike Back” show that explores Porter’s origins, given how Porter is the original impetus for the current team-up between Stonebridge and Scott as Section 20’s ace operators.

The 6-parter will follow Porter and Collinson as they seek to uncover a connection between Porter’s Iraq War service and current terrorist shenanigans.

“Strike Back” wraps up this October 18th, with “Strike Back: Origins” premiering a week later on October 25th.