Cate Blanchett is a Woman in Trouble in David Mamet’s Blackbird

Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine (2013) Movie Image

Cate Blanchett is teaming up with playwright/TV writer/novelist/movie director David Mamet for his latest, the high-concept spy thriller “Blackbird”.

Blanket is set to play Janet, a woman who “travels to Los Angeles for the funeral of her grandfather, a Hollywood visual effects artist who moonlighted for U.S. special ops agencies. After his death, her grandfather’s well-kept secrets become a threat to her life, forcing Janet to discover the truth about a man who dedicated his life to making illusion reality.”

The film is set to shoot in January of next year in Sydney, with The Solution Entertainment Group handling international distribution.

Mamet, one of the men responsible for one of the best shows on TV, CBS’ “The Unit”, will direct from his own script. He previously directed the very cool “Spartan” back in 2004, and he recently directed “Phil Spector” for HBO.