Cate Blanchett Replacing Sienna Miller in Nottingham?

At this point, if we ever get to see “Nottingham”, Ridley Scott’s revisionist take on Robin Hood, on the big screen I’ll be shocked. This thing had such potential when it was first announced, and you’d think any movie with Russell Crowe attached would mean fast-track for the studio, but there’s been one bump after another on the road to production. The latest bump was Sienna Miller being fired from the cast, apparently for being too skinny and too young to play opposite the bulging and aging Russell Crowe. Or at least, that was the British rumor of the day. And now, for the second one: Cate Blanchett is replacing Sienna Miller as Maid Marion. At least, that’s what actor Mark Strong believes.

Chirps the Telegraph paper:

The Daily Telegraph reports claims by Mark Strong, who has signed on to play the Sheriff of Nottingham’s traditional henchman, Sir Guy of Gisbourne, that Blanchett was considering the Marian role. “She is a wonderful actress and it would make it a much classier film if she was in it,” the actor said at last week’s London Film Critics’ Circle awards.

So there you go. An actor who is in the movie that is nowhere close to being in production tells a British newspaper that he thinks Cate Blanchet might be set to take the Maid Marion part opposite Russell Crowe. Take that for what you will.

Although, I actually think Blanchett would make for a better casting choice than Miller. She’s closer to Crowe’s age (late 30-ish), and it might be more sensible to have an older woman than a young chicken like Miller running around falling in love with the 40-something Crowe. Or at least, it’ll be less creepy.

Below: Cate Blanchett is like an older version of Sienna Miller. Minus the crazies.