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Movie Trailer: 300 Army of Darkness

Or actually, videos from Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s “Army of Darkness”, but soundtrack from the trailer for Zack Snyder’s...


Zach Snyder’s 300 DVD Cover Art

Via SuperheroHype, Zach Snyder’s masterful rendering of Frank Miller’s “300″ limited series comic book is coming to a DVD shelf...

300 (2006) Movie Poster

300 (2007) Movie Review #2

In 1999, Frank Miller wrote and drew (with colors by Lynn Varley) a limited series comic book (now known as...

300 (2007) Movie Poster

300 (2007) Movie Review

In a blurb I wrote in my ‘Best of 2005′ list, I declared “A Bittersweet Life” to be “one of...