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Dead Leaves (2004) Movie Review

“Over the top’ is an expression loosely thrown about by film critics to describe anything a little too far out...

Steamboy (2004) Movie DVD Cover

Steamboy (2004) Movie Review

It’s Manchester, England, and the year is 1866, sometime during the Industrial Revolution. Our hero, mechanical whiz kid Ray Steam,...

Perfect Blue (2002) Movie DVD Cover

Perfect Blue (2002) Movie Review

Ahhhh, the vagaries of stardom. Plenty of money, private jets, fast cars, an entourage of “Yes” men doing your bidding,...

0 (1999) Movie Poster (1999) Movie Review

While the title isn’t exactly original, the premise certainly is. “” is an all-CGI feature and it’s a fairly impressive...


Appleseed (2004) Movie Review

“Appleseed” is a mixture of CGI and traditional anime, and is based upon an early manga by Masamune Shirow, creator...

Gen 13 (1998) Movie DVD Cover

Gen 13 (1998) Movie Review

Back in the mid-90s, the most popular team in comic books wasn’t the X-Men, but a group from independent publisher...


Mezzo Forte (2001) Movie Review

Except for two explicit sex scenes that have no real relevance with the narrative, Yasuomi Umetsu’s “Mezzo Forte” might just...

Cat Soup (2003) Movie DVD

Cat Soup (2003) Movie Review

Tatsuo Sato’s “Cat Soup” is an odd brew. And because it’s such a short experiment in bizarre visuals, giving this...