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Han Hyo-joo in Cold Eyes (2013) Movie Image

Cold Eyes (2013) Movie Review

It’s remake time again, as the 2007 Milkyway outing “Eye in the Sky” from director Yau Nai Hoi and producers...

Jiseul (2012) Movie Image

Jiseul (2012) Movie Review

Korean director O Muel tackles a dark period in his country’s history with “Jiseul”, which focuses on an incident during...

Platinum Data (2013) Movie Poster

Platinum Data (2013) Movie Review

DNA profiling changes the face of crime fighting in sci-fi tinged Japanese blockbuster “Platinum Data”, directed by “Rurouni Kenshin” helmer...

Tokyo Family (2013) Movie Image

Tokyo Family (2013) Movie Review

There are few films as revered and respected as Ozu Yasujiro’s 1953 “Tokyo Story”, regularly selected by critics the world...

Park Ji Soo in Mai Ratima (2012) Movie Image

Mai Ratima (2012) Movie Review

“Mai Ratima” marks the feature length debut directorial of acclaimed Korean actor Yoo Ji Tae, known for his turns in...

Jay Chou in The Rooftop (2013) Movie Image

The Rooftop (2013) Movie Review

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou returns with “The Rooftop”, his second outing as director following his successful and surprisingly accomplished 2007...

Hide and Seek (2013) Movie Poster

Hide and Seek (2013) Movie Review

First time Korean writer-director Huh Jung gives audiences one less place to feel safe with “Hide and Seek”, a novel...

Hardcore Comedy (2013) Movie Image

Hardcore Comedy (2013) Movie Review

With the success of Pang Ho Cheung’s foul mouthed and hilarious “Vulgaria” having proved that rude and crude are still...

Outrage Beyond (2012) Movie Image

Outrage Beyond (2012) Movie Review

Japanese legend Kitano Takeshi returns to the Yakuza genre once again with “Outrage Beyond”, the follow up to his 2010...