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Suk-kyu Han in My Paparotti (2013) Movie Image

My Paparotti (2013) Movie Review

“My Paparotti”, its title a deliberate mispronunciation of famous tenor Pavarotti, is unsurprisingly a film about singing, the twist being...

Kim Yoon Seok in South Bound (2013) Movie Image

South Bound (2013) Movie Review

Lim Soon Rye, one of Korea’s most prominent female directors, returns with “South Bound”, the tale of an anti-establishment man...

So Young (2013) Movie Poster

So Young (2013) Movie Review

“So Young” sees Chinese actress Zhao Wei stepping behind the camera to make her directorial debut, backed by veteran producer...

Fists of Legend (2013) Movie Image

Fists of Legend (2013) Movie Review

Despite its familiar sounding title, “Fists of Legend” isn’t an old school martial arts epic, but a Korean MMA themed...

An Ethics Lesson (2013) Movie Poster

An Ethics Lesson (2013) Movie Review

Though its title might sound a little dry and academic, “An Ethics Lesson” (the literal English translation, “Ethics of Anger”...

Montage (2013) Movie Poster

Montage (2013) Movie Review

Korean writer director Jung Geun Sub makes his debut with “Montage”, another thriller revolving around the perennially popular child kidnap...

Aoi Yu in Penance (2012) Movie Image

Penance (2012) Movie Review

Japanese master of quiet suspense and disquieting unease Kurosawa Kiyoshi returns with “Penance”, an adaptation of the 2009 novel “Shokuzai”...

The Grandmaster (2013) Movie Poster

The Grandmaster (2013) Movie Review

Note: This is a review of the Chinese cut of “The Grandmaster” (currently available through The version of the...

Christmas Rose (2013) Movie Poster

Christmas Rose (2013) Movie Review

“Christmas Rose” marks the directorial debut of Hong Kong actress Charlie Yeung, who started off her career with roles in...

Aaron Kwok in Conspirators (2013) Movie Image

Conspirators (2013) Movie Review

Despite its English language title, “Conspirators” is actually the third film in Oxide Pang’s “The Detective” franchise, following up on...

Lee Jeong-jae in New World (2013) Movie Image

New World (2013) Movie Review

“New World” has been one of the more promising and anticipated Korean releases of late, a blockbuster with a powerhouse...

Jojo Goh in The Loan Shark (2011) Movie Image

The Loan Shark (2011) Movie Review

Originally released back in 2011, “The Loan Shark” saw Malaysian director C.L. Hor following up on “The 3rd Generation” and...

Kim Beom in The Gifted Hands (2013) Movie Image

The Gifted Hands (2013) Movie Review

“Parallel Life” director Kwon Ho Young returns with another paranormal-themed thriller in “The Gifted Hands”, which as its alternate (and...

Horny Family (2010) Movie Image

Horny Family (2010) Movie Review

Korean comedy “Horny Family” (also known by the odder title “Tummy”) is a film which has been kicking around for...