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Gianna Jun in The Berlin File (2013) Movie Image

The Berlin File (2013) Movie Review

Ryoo Seung Wan, arguably Korea’s top director of action packed blockbusters after the likes of “City of Violence” and “The...

Abe Sadao and Matsu Takako in Dreams for Sale (2012) Movie Image

Dreams for Sale (2012) Movie Review

“Dreams for Sale” is the latest film from Japanese writer/director Nishikawa Miwa, a hard hitting drama which follows a husband...

Byung-hun Lee in Masquerade (2012) Movie Image

Masquerade (2012) Movie Review

Lee Byung Hun, one of Korea’s biggest and most popular stars, who recently also enjoyed success in Hollywood in the...

2 Doors (2011) Movie Image

2 Doors (2011) Movie Review

“2 Doors” is a feature length Korean documentary directed by Hong Ji You and Kim Il Ran, who previously served...

Young Ju Seo and Jung-hyun Lee in Juvenile Offender (2012) Movie Image

Juvenile Offender (2012) Movie Review

Produced and supported by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea, “Juvenile Offender” is a humanistic and socially aware look...

Drug War (2012) Movie Poster

Drug War (2012) Movie Review

Cult favourite and auteur Johnnie To joins the ranks of Hong Kong directors trying their luck on the Mainland with...

Pieta (2012) Movie Image

SIFF ’13 Review: Pieta (2012)

After a sojourn into other realms, and a self-imposed year-long hiatus from the industry—sort of, he did release the documentary...

The Chrysalis (2013) Movie Poster

The Chrysalis (2013) Movie Review

Though limited by notoriously tough censorship, the horror genre is slowly but surely finding its feet in Chinese cinema, with...

Bosco Wong and Stephy Tang in Love in Time (2012) Movie Image

Love in Time (2012) Movie Review

“Love in Time” is an old fashioned Hong Kong romantic comedy directed by Leefire, a multi-talented type also known as...

The Tower (2012) Movie Image

The Tower (2012) Movie Review

Like Hollywood, Korean cinema loves a good disaster movie, none more so than director Kim Ji Hoon, known for big...

Wolf Children (2012) Movie Image

Wolf Children (2012) Movie Review

Although Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli colleagues are still the most famous purveyors of Japanese animation, a number of...

The Last Supper (2012) Movie Image

The Last Supper (2012) Movie Review

With big budget Chinese historical dramas and epics still proving incredibly popular, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two...

Barbie (2011) Movie Image

Barbie (2011) Movie Review

Writer director Lee Sang Woo, who caused quite a stir on the Korean indie scene with his hard hitting features...

Joong-ki Song and Bo-yeong Park in A Werewolf Boy (2012) Movie Image

A Werewolf Boy (2012) Movie Review

Romantic fantasy “A Werewolf Boy” emerged as of the biggest Korean hits of 2012, not to mention the country’s biggest...