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Lee Jung-jin in Pieta (2012) Movie Image

Pieta (2012) Movie Review

“Pieta” marks the 18th film from Korean auteur and agitator Kim Ki Duk, following up on his exceptionally personal and...

Sawajiri Erika in Helter Skelter (2012) Movie Image

Helter Skelter (2012) Movie Review

Quite possibly the best looking and most hysterical film of 2012, “Helter Skelter” marked the return of Japanese director and...

Joey Yung in Diva (2012) Movie Image

Diva (2012) Movie Review

The Hong Kong music industry comes under the spotlight in “Diva” from hotly tipped director Heiward Mak, who received praise...

Sadako (2012) Movie Image

Sadako (2012) Movie Review

Has it really been nigh on 15 years since the world of horror was changed by a small girl with...

Smuggler (2011) Movie Image

Smuggler (2011) Movie Review

Shohei Manabe’s manga “Smuggler” makes it to the big screen courtesy of director Katsuhito Ishii, previously known for varied and...

Deranged (2012) Movie Image

Deranged (2012) Movie Review

Although early trailers seemed to suggest an Asian stab at the increasingly overpopulated zombie genre, “Deranged” thankfully turned out to...

Don't Click (2012) Movie Image

Don’t Click (2012) Movie Review

Some 14 years after Sadako crawled from the television set, the influence of Hideo Nakata’s classic “Ringu” is still very...

Jesdaporn Pholdee in I Miss U (2012) Movie Image

I Miss U (2012) Movie Review

Despite its title, “I Miss U” is actually a Thai horror film, albeit one with a decidedly romantic and wistful...

Brandy Akiko, Edmond Poon and Khloe Chu in The Cases (2012) Movie Image

The Cases (2012) Movie Review

Documentaries about the sinister and spooky have long been popular in Hong Kong and Chinese cinema, from back in the...

Huang Xuan in Nightmare (2012) Movie Image

Nightmare (2012) Movie Review

The last few years have been an interesting time for the horror genre in Chinese cinema, with film makers venturing...

Romance Joe (2011) Movie Image

Romance Joe (2011) Movie Review

“Romance Joe” marks the debut of writer director Lee Kwang Kuk, who served his apprenticeship by working on several films...

10+10 (2011) Movie Poster

10+10 (2011) Movie Review

Although the anthology format is common enough in Asian cinema, “10+10” offers something a little different, not to mention more...

Tai Chi 0 (2012) Movie Image

Tai Chi Zero (2012) Movie Review

Stephen Fung’s “Tai Chi Zero” is a failed attempt to mix up the martial arts movie genre into something new....

Shawn Yue and Zhang Jingchu in Lacuna (2012) Movie Image

Lacuna (2012) Movie Review

Pang Ho Cheung, arguably most the talented and exciting Hong Kong film maker of the last decade, serves as producer...

Isabelle Huppert and Jun-Sang Yu in In Another Country (2012) Movie Image

In Another Country (2012) Movie Review

Acclaimed Korean director and international festival favourite Hong Sang Soo returns with “In Another Country”, his 15th outing and another...

Dada Chan in Vulgaria (2012) Movie Image

Vulgaria (2012) Movie Review

“Vulgaria,” a new comedy co-written, produced and directed by Pang Ho-Cheung and starring Chapman To as a B-movie producer, opens with...

The Thieves (2012) Movie Image

The Thieves (2012) Movie Review

Dong-hoon Choi’s “The Thieves” successfully revisits the heist genre that first brought him to fame.  This time around, the production...

Cocco in Kotoko (2011) Movie Image

Kotoko (2011) Movie Review

Japanese auteur and cult favourite Shinya Tsukamoto returns with “Kotoko”, combining the apocalyptic style of his classic “Tetsuo” films with...

Anne Suzuki in The Egoists (2011) Movie Image

The Egoists (2011) Movie Review

Japanese director Hiroki Ryuichi has had a pretty fascinating career, starting off in Pinku films, before being hailed in the...