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Cocco in Kotoko (2011) Movie Image

Kotoko (2011) Movie Review

Japanese auteur and cult favourite Shinya Tsukamoto returns with “Kotoko”, combining the apocalyptic style of his classic “Tetsuo” films with...

Anne Suzuki in The Egoists (2011) Movie Image

The Egoists (2011) Movie Review

Japanese director Hiroki Ryuichi has had a pretty fascinating career, starting off in Pinku films, before being hailed in the...

Shôta Matsuda in Hard Romanticker (2011) Movie Image

Hard Romanticker (2011) Movie Review

The excellently titled “Hard Romanticker” takes a (very) violent look at the Zainichi (Korean-Japanese) criminal underworld and youth gang battles,...

Kim Go-Eun in A Muse (2012) Movie Image

A Muse (2012) Movie Review

“Lolita” goes Korean with “A Muse”, the story of a 70 year old poet falling in love with a young...

The King of Pigs (2011) Movie Image

The King of Pigs (2011) Movie Review

South Korea isn’t a country traditionally associated with animation, with only a few films like “Wonderful Days” or the recent...

Ha Ji Won and Doona Bae in As One (2012) Movie Image

As One (2012) Movie Review

“As One” is a Korean drama mixing two of the country’s most popular cinematic themes, North-South reunification and sports. The...

Nopachai Chaiyanam in Headshot (2011) Movie Image

Headshot (2011) Movie Review

Director Pen-Ek Ratanaruang’s (“Last Life in the Universe”) “Headshot” begins in a quiet moment, with a man seated at a...

Shinohara Ryoko in Unfair - The Answer (2011) Movie Image

Unfair: The Answer (2011) Movie Review

The popular Japanese “Unfair” franchise continues with “Unfair: The Answer”, the latest big screen outing based upon the popular Fuji...

The Four (2012) Movie Poster

The Four (2012) Movie Review

Gordon Chan continues to cement his position as one of China’s top blockbuster directors, following up his hits “Painted Skin”...

Jaycee Chan in Double Trouble (2012) Movie Image

Double Trouble (2012) Movie Review #2

Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan follows in his father’s footsteps with mismatched buddy comedy “Double Trouble”, very much in the...

The Kick (2011) Movie Image

The Kick (2011) Movie Review

Thai director Prachya Pinkaew and choreographer Panna Rittikrai return with more martial arts action in “The Kick”, which sees a...

Mark Chao and Angelababy in First Time (2012) Movie Image

First Time (2012) Movie Review

“First Time” is a Chinese youth romance offering and a remake of the 2003 Korean film “…ing”, helmed by Han...

Guns and Roses (2012) Movie Image

Guns and Roses (2012) Movie Review

“Crazy Stone” and “Crazy Racer” director Ning Hao returns with “Guns and Roses”, his biggest-budgeted and most ambitious film to...

Chrissie Chau in Any Other Side (2012) Movie Image

Any Other Side (2012) Movie Review

Also known by the decidedly more fitting name “Nightclub Suspense Tale”, “Any Other Side” is another Chinese omnibus of ghostly...

Fumi Nikaidô and Shôta Sometani in Himizu (2011) Movie Image

Himizu (2011) Movie Review

Japanese auteur, poet and cult favourite director Sono Sion (“Love Exposure”) returns with “Himizu” (which translates as ‘mole’), another tale...

Jung-woo Ha and Hyo-jin Kong in Love Fiction (2012) Movie Image

Love Fiction (2012) Movie Review

Although the idea of yet another Korean romantic comedy might not exactly set the pulse racing, “Love Fiction” does have...