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Won-sang Park in Unbowed (2011) Movie Image

Unbowed (2011) Movie Review

Korean films rarely seem to portray the country’s justice system in a particularly positive light, and that’s certainly the case...

Kim Min Hee in Helpess (2012) Movie Image

Helpless (2012) Movie Review

“Helpless” is a Korean suspense thriller from female Korean director Byun Young Joo (“Flying Boys”), based on the best-selling Japanese...

Kang-ho Song in Howling (2012) Movie Image

Howling (2012) Movie Review

Despite its title and killer canine premise, “Howling” isn’t a werewolf horror, but a crime mystery based upon the award...

Nick Cheung in Nightfall (2012) Movie Image

Nightfall (2012) Movie Review

Fans of last year’s good/bad/insane Aaron Kwok starring psycho mystery “Murderer” can rejoice, as director Roy Chow and writer Christine...

Intira Jaroenpura in The House (2007) Movie Image

The House (2007) Movie Review

“The House” is a Thai horror directed by Monthon Arayangkoon, who also helmed supernatural thriller “The Victim” and the giant...

Meishi Street (2006) Movie Image

Meishi Street (2006) Movie Review

Screening at the 2012 Chinese Visual Festival. The 2006 documentary “Meishi Street”, directed by famed Chinese visual artist Ou Ning,...

Chiling Lin in Love on Credit (2011) Movie Image

Love on Credit (2011) Movie Review

“Love on Credit” is a Mainland Chinese romantic comedy with a financial theme, directed by Taiwanese helmer Leste Chen, previously...

Meg Kelley, Ara Goh, Yong-woo Park, Peyton Townsend and Parker Townsend in Papa (2012) Movie Image

Papa (2012) Movie Review

“Papa” is a Korean film with a musical flavour, following popular actor Park Yong Woo (“Handphone”) as a rogue who...

Yoo Ah In in Punch (2011) Movie Image

Punch (2011) Movie Review

“Punch” is the latest outing from Korean director Lee Han, mostly known for romantic comedies and dramas such as “Lover’s...

Zombie 108 (2012) Movie Image

Zombie 108 (2012) Movie Review

Originally screened at the 2012 Terracotta Far East Film Festival. Updated with UK Region 2 DVD release info. Taiwanese cinema...

Chae Min Seo in The Vegetarian (2009) Movie Image

Vegetarian (2009) Movie Review

“Vegetarian”, originally released in 2009, marked the debut of Korean art house director Lim Woo Seong, and like his recent...

Using (2007) Movie Image

Using (2007) Movie Review

Screening at the 2012 Chinese Visual Festival. “Using” was Chinese documentary director Zhou Hao’s follow up to his much loved...

Bachelor Mountain (2011) Movie Image

Bachelor Mountain (2011) Movie Review

Screening at the 2012 Chinese Visual Festival. Director Yu Guangyi completes his ‘Hometown Trilogy’ with “Bachelor Mountain”, following up on...

Senior Year (2005) Movie Image

Senior Year (2005) Movie Review

Screening at the 2012 Chinese Visual Festival. Although high school students in the West may think they have it tough,...

Jang Dong-Gun and Joe Odagiri in My Way (2011) Movie Image

My Way (2011) Movie Review

“My Way” has been one of the most eagerly anticipated Korean blockbusters for some time, marking the return of writer...

Jeong-hwa Eom in Dancing Queen (2012) Movie Image

Dancing Queen (2012) Movie Review

Korean comedy “Dancing Queen” has already emerged as one of the year’s biggest hits, following popular film and television actress...

Dragon Boat (2010) Movie Image

Dragon Boat (2010) Movie Review

Screening at the 2012 Chinese Visual Festival. “Dragon Boat” is the latest film from acclaimed Chinese director and artist Cao...

Jessica Cambensy and Jaycee Chan in Double Trouble (2012) Movie Image

Double Trouble (2012) Movie Review

Taiwanese director David Chang’s 2011 Jaycee Chan vehicle “Double Trouble” is what I like to call a lightly-carbonated action/comedy. This,...